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Bali- Hotel

Bali- Hotel
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If i tell you the name of this hotel spa you would never let me live this down....too embarrassing hehe
Date: 2005-04-25 19:22:52


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wow! it looks so beautiful
last history 2005-04-25 20:30:43
WOW amaaaazing place
Pureen 2005-04-25 20:48:53
Thursd@y 2005-04-25 22:04:19
nice place and landscape!
but i'm afraid i can live there since i hate wind :P
Chiri 2005-04-26 02:22:38
An amazin place...worth the trip

Chiri the wind aint that bad, but you will have to deal with seasonal rain the end its all good :)
GulfWarda 2005-04-26 04:31:49
great shot :)
gifted sofa 2005-04-27 04:43:17
amazin shot!
HuRrSiNjArI 2005-09-25 10:15:13

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